His Pattern Indicates Two-dimensional Thinking

The ore from the Iron Island looks like it is brought to the mainland through an abandoned castle overlooking the coast. On the assumption that the operation will be guarded, we try to sneak around to scout the location, rather than stomping in blindly.

The walls of the castle are not entirely intact, which allows us the opportunity to sneak in at a few places, but could also make our presence more obvious to anyone looking for intruders.

At one point, we want to get past a particularly big break in the wall. Helped with the use of a Space Marine miniature, Pasha comes up with genre-confusing way of continuing. 'I'll jetpack over the gap.'

'Over the what?'

'The gap.'

'So there's a collapsed section of wall, and your plan is to jetpack over it so that you won't be seen?'

2 Responses to “His Pattern Indicates Two-dimensional Thinking”

  1. Pasha Says:

    If the GM had allowed me a jetpack I would have showed you exactly how it would actually have worked; unfortunately as I was denied you will never learn the secret.

  2. Elf Says:

    Would it have been a burrowing jetpack?