The Clues Were All There

9th April 2020

Within the troglodyte complex of caves, the party encounters the king of the troglodytes. The king is curiously more intelligent than the others and holds a brief conversation with the adventurers, stopped only when the party inevitably gets bored and starts attacking.

After the fight, the adventurers take stock. 'From what the king said, I think it's safe to say we're in the right place.'

'Well, you have been wandering around a pre-generated map for the past two weeks, but sure.'

Oops, I Did it Again

2nd April 2020

'I fire my crossbow!' And misses, quite badly. 'Argh! This is why I cast spells!'

<next round>

'I fire my crossbow!'

We're the Same, You and I

2nd April 2020

The heroes delve deeper in to the troglodyte cave system, stumbling in to some brood mothers, who fight to protect their young. The adventurers fight back, claiming just to be defending themselves.

'I'm casting Burning Hands, which will catch these two troglodytes as well as set the straw on fire.'

'You realise that there are young troglodytes in the straw, right?'


'Okay, just pointing that out, and it means you can never criticise my gnome again for trying the same thing.'

Which is More Likely?

25th March 2020

Our adventurers are destined to be great heroes, and have been set three labours to complete. In setting out to re-light the fires of the legendary Mithral Forge, they stumble in to a troglodyte camp in connected cave system. As they fight with some of the troglodytes, the bard tries to improve their situation.

'I'm casting a minor illusion, creating the roar of a lion deeper in to the cave system, to scare these troglodytes and distract them. This will surely gives us the edge in the battle!'

'Or it will just alert other troglodytes further in to the caves that something is happening here.'

Technical Difficulties

19th March 2020

We move to Roll20 for our gaming sessions, for the obvious reasons, and in trying to get coordinated and up-and-running on new systems, run in to some technical teething issues. 'Can anyone hear me?', asks our bard, 'I can't hear you'.

We can hear him, so we type that in the text channel.

<Seirena is typing>

'...why? We can hear him.'

Our Bard is Truly Wise

9th March 2020

'I think not having the sacrifice happen, causing the city to be razed and the population slaughtered, would be a bad thing.'

It's Not a Comfy Ride

27th February 2020

'Bagsy I ride the Bone Dragon!'

'Do you hear yourself sometimes?'

Bardic Inspiration

19th February 2020

'I shall disengage, run away, and inspire our rogue!'

Don't Be Afraid to Think Big

13th February 2020

Having defeated Orcus, there's the question of what to do with the rod that he dropped. Well, the others are questioning it, I'm just gonna claim it as rightfully mine. I go to pick it up.

'Do you think you can even lift it? It's quite big.'

'It is magical. Maybe it will resize, if you're lucky.'

'If I'm lucky, I'll resize.'

Grease is the Word

30th January 2020

Our stealthy facade has been dropped in the wizards' tower, thanks to various traps and monsters that we have encountered. We're still trying not to be seen, but it's tricky when you can actually be seen, and there are people around. And a stone golem, in the form of a giant spider thumping around in the room we want to pass through.

'And what do we do with a giant lump of a beast?', asks Pigeonhole, with a glint in his eye.

'Give it a level of Rogue?'

'Well, yes, but I wasn't talking about our Barbarian. I meant we cast Grease to incapacitate it.' Yeah, we could do that too.