Well, You Heard Him, GM

Thinking we're doing well to bypass a swathe of guards by using dimension door and fly spells gets turned around when previously unspotted pteradons start swooping down on us. At least they're being ridden, and our monk is still flying.

The monk starts flying between the pteradons, and rather than fight the riders directly he tries to shove them out of their saddles. The shoves turn out to be successful more often than not, sending the riders plummeting down to a messy death.

The same fall could happen to the monk too, though. Pasha has cast the fly spell, and it requires concentration. Should his concentration break, the spell ends, and the monk no longer flies. 'Don't take damage now', the monk calls to Pasha, 'or I'll have to fly this pteradon!'

'No, this sounds like the perfect time to take damage.'

2 Responses to “Well, You Heard Him, GM”

  1. Pasha Says:

    Well there's damage, and there's *damage*. With my concentration checks he could've gone with a nasty wasp sting and it would've done the job.

  2. Elf Says:

    You could also just stop concentrating if you wanted to. If you want to take damage, it had better involve some kind of loss of limb.