I Imagine You're Right

17th August 2017

'Can we see the god through the portal?'

'It's just shimmering light at the moment. It's like the opening of a wormhole.'

'That doesn't help. I've not actually seen any wormholes.'

'Use your imagination.'

'Okay, in my imagination the opening of a wormhole is like a full-blown IMAX experience. We see the god in amazing detail.'

'Well, your imagination is wrong.'

Spoiler: Not the Room We First Thought

17th August 2017

'Which way does the door open?'

'It opens in to the room.'

'... which room?'

It Just Stops Being a Skill Check

27th July 2017

We were at the bottom of a structure and got to the top quickly thanks to dimension door and fly spells. Now we're at the top of the structure and want to get to the bottom quickly, but have no more spells.

Luckily, there's a crane just sitting there, with a rope leading all the way down to the ground. I'm sure we can use that to slide down.

'There's a hard, moderate, or easy check for going down the rope. If you pass the hard check, you can essentially abseil all the way to the bottom in one round.'

'And even if we fail the hard check, I take it we will still make it to the bottom in one round.'

Well, You Heard Him, GM

20th July 2017

Thinking we're doing well to bypass a swathe of guards by using dimension door and fly spells gets turned around when previously unspotted pteradons start swooping down on us. At least they're being ridden, and our monk is still flying.

The monk starts flying between the pteradons, and rather than fight the riders directly he tries to shove them out of their saddles. The shoves turn out to be successful more often than not, sending the riders plummeting down to a messy death.

The same fall could happen to the monk too, though. Pasha has cast the fly spell, and it requires concentration. Should his concentration break, the spell ends, and the monk no longer flies. 'Don't take damage now', the monk calls to Pasha, 'or I'll have to fly this pteradon!'

'No, this sounds like the perfect time to take damage.'

Let's Hope We Don't Have to Do it Soon

20th July 2017

'I'm not sure what the rules are for breathing.'

I'm Adding These Skills to my Character Description

29th June 2017

'In the room, sacks lie on the ground, along with a broken bookcase. What you notice, though, is a hole 4 feet high, 3 feet wide has been smashed through the south wall.'

'Neat. I apparently have a keen eye for dimensions.'

[A little later]

'You ascend the stairs and go up 20 feet.'

'I have honestly never before walked up some stairs and known how high up I've gone. It's like I've gained a magical power.'

Pasha 'Two-Hats' Has an Opinion on This

22nd June 2017

'Can we wear more than one cloak?'

'The DM's Guide says to use common sense.'

'Well, that's no help.'

Just the Boring Part

12th June 2017

'I'm pretty sure unattended objects catch fire if they can.'

'...really? Neat. I'm going to drop my axe and wait for the fireworks!'

'I think you missed part of the conversation.'

But Take Out the Colon

5th June 2017

'You could write a note in Dwarven, maybe using Pasha's blood.'

'Or a novel perhaps.'

'An epic novel, in three volumes, plus appendices.'

'Just the one appendix, I would think.'

I Don't Know Enough About Mining To Dispute It

1st June 2017

Whilst we're in the mine, Pasha wants to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. 'Can I take 20 to search the rock face for gems?'

'Okay, you can take 20 to find them, but how will you take them?'

'I'm taking 20.'

'And that helps by...?'

'...finding the ones that are ready to fall out of the rock face?'

'So you're saying that you're picking the ones that are ripe?'

'That's how gem mining works.'