I'm Adding These Skills to my Character Description

29th June 2017

'In the room, sacks lie on the ground, along with a broken bookcase. What you notice, though, is a hole 4 feet high, 3 feet wide has been smashed through the south wall.'

'Neat. I apparently have a keen eye for dimensions.'

[A little later]

'You ascend the stairs and go up 20 feet.'

'I have honestly never before walked up some stairs and known how high up I've gone. It's like I've gained a magical power.'

Pasha 'Two-Hats' Has an Opinion on This

22nd June 2017

'Can we wear more than one cloak?'

'The DM's Guide says to use common sense.'

'Well, that's no help.'

Just the Boring Part

12th June 2017

'I'm pretty sure unattended objects catch fire if they can.'

'...really? Neat. I'm going to drop my axe and wait for the fireworks!'

'I think you missed part of the conversation.'

But Take Out the Colon

5th June 2017

'You could write a note in Dwarven, maybe using Pasha's blood.'

'Or a novel perhaps.'

'An epic novel, in three volumes, plus appendices.'

'Just the one appendix, I would think.'

I Don't Know Enough About Mining To Dispute It

1st June 2017

Whilst we're in the mine, Pasha wants to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. 'Can I take 20 to search the rock face for gems?'

'Okay, you can take 20 to find them, but how will you take them?'

'I'm taking 20.'

'And that helps by...?'

'...finding the ones that are ready to fall out of the rock face?'

'So you're saying that you're picking the ones that are ripe?'

'That's how gem mining works.'

Dwarf Dwarf Army

1st June 2017

Rather than the four of us attack a massive encampment directly, our dwarf companion suggests instead we enter the nearby mines. 'I suspect some of my friends will be hiding in there. If we find them, they will only be too happy to help fight the occupying army.'

In to the mines we go, and we soon spot a dwarf, but we are not the first to do so. The dwarf is tied up by duergar, and although we defeat the duerger there is no rescue mission. The dwarf is dead, and there is no sign of any others.

It's a shame. He would have doubled the size of our dwarven army.

I'm Sure He Has Some Inside Knowledge

25th May 2017

'You enter a massive Dwarven underground city, held up by four huge columns...'

'If past experience is any guide, our plan should be to simultaneously explode all four columns to destroy the city.'

'Vorsum Brightarm, your Dwarf NPC companion, goes pale at that suggestion.'

'...and comes up with a better plan for us?'

The Mechanics are Almost Identical

11th May 2017

'I command my Axebeak to jump off the ledge and attack the Fire Giant!'

'Does your Axebeak have a fly speed?'

'It has a falling speed, if that helps.'

Monkey and the Monk

20th April 2017

A guard appears on the ledge above us, some forty feet up. That poses a bit of a quandary for us, particularly as our baboon carrying a rope has disappeared. We have to quickly work out how to get enough of us up to the ledge before the guard can raise the alarm.

Pasha can cast fly, and fly himself up to the ledge, but the wizard by himself will be a bit useless, even more so in combat. He can carry Nerrick on his shoulders, which helps, and it seems like he could carry one more. The monk is the best choice, given his lack of ranged attacks, so Pasha and the monk grab a rope between them.

Pasha flies upwards, with both Nerrick and the monk having readied actions to attack the guard when they get in range. Not a problem for Nerrick, who gets in range when Pasha reaches the ledge, and attacks the guard successfully. The monk can't reach, though, as he is holding a rope and dangling near Pasha's feet.

Never mind, we can see our baboon, squatting in a nearby corner! Pasha's bonus action instructs the baboon to rush the guard and shove him over the ledge, which should cause a healthy amount of falling damage. The charging monkey somewhat catches the guard by surprise, and the guard topples over the ledge.

'The monk's readied action triggers! When he falls, he must get in to range, right?' Sure enough, the monk punches the guard twice on his way down, adding just enough injury to further injury to kill him in one round. A successful plan!

Do We Get Inspiration For Understanding This?

6th April 2017

'You see someone looking down at you. He looks surprised. But not surprised.'


'He's surprised, but not surprised.'

'Yeah, that's not helpful.'

'He is not surprised, but he looks surprised.'

'Oh. Oh! So he's not surprised enough to give us a mechanical advantage, but you want to convey his emotional surprise at seeing us. That could have been easier.'