The Emperor Moves in Mysterious Ways

10th April 2014

Somehow, we don't manage to surprise the orks inside the main entrance to the watch station. Something to do with security cameras in the airlock. We have to fight our way in.

One ork has a fully automatic weapon, and he opens fire on our Brother Lucian. One bullet hits. It's a decent hit too, getting the maximum 10 damage from a D10 roll.

'Do the orks get the benefit of the extra damage roll on a 10?'

'I dunno. Isn't it something to do with the Emperor's favour?' A quick check of the rules confirms this. 'Yes, there is a "chance the Emperor's favour is with the attacker", but it's not restricted to Deathwatch marines.'

The ork confirms the attack and gets a second damage D10 added to the first, which means more damage inflicted to Brother Lucian.

'The Emperor has indeed smiled on the attacker. His wisdom is a shining beacon to us all.'

We'll Explain Inside

10th April 2014

The remaining orks are defeated with relative ease, and we move on to the main entrance of the watch station. The airlock door is closed, with the controls overridden from the inside.

We don't have all day to let Brother Gadriel get us in, so Brother Lucian steps up and hacks in to the controls from our side. It works. The door opens, leading us in to a ten-by-ten metre room.

'Damn, there's another door!'

'It's an airlock.'

Swing and a Hit

10th April 2014

The orks attack!

One swings a buzzsaw down on Brother Gadriel, who, being an assault marine, effortlessly parries the blow with his power sword.

Of course, a non-power weapon being parried by a power weapon doesn't end well for the non-power weapon. The buzzsaw shatters as the two weapons strike each other, much to our ever-distant Ultramarine's delight.

'He won't try that again!'

Well, yeah, not without his weapon.

Set References to 'Stun'

3rd April 2014

We take our mission oath and are on our way to the watch station.

'What? Where are we?' Brother Gadriel, assault marine, pilot, perhaps should be paying more attention.

'We're in the pipe, five by five.'

'I'll fly casual. But not too casual.'

'Transmit Ride of the Valkyries on all frequencies.'

'I'd be okay with Flight of the Bumblebees.'

We're only going a short distance, but it's going to be a long flight.

Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again?

3rd April 2014

We have a new kill team and a new mission. A watch station has gone quiet, a watch station that was recently visited by the Mortis Thule space hulk. It is suspected that the orks that we briefly monitored whilst on the hulk disembarked and have attacked.

Our mission is to investigate the watch station, bring it back on-line, and deal with the orks.

One of the main problems is that the watch station has entered a state that it shouldn't have. 'What OS is it running?'

'Windows 98.'

'Windows 39,998?'



25th March 2014

The climactic fight is over, but not the climactic escape. Our minuscule section of the Mortis Thule, blown away from the space hulk itself, is hurtling towards a city on the planet below. It will hit with the force of a nuclear blast.

We have an option to try to use the engines of the imperial vessel that makes part of this section of the hulk to steer away from the city, but it will require manual control. Someone will have to stay behind.

Brothers Cadmus and Lucius work out the controls between them, and decide who will stay and who will leave on the shuttle. Cadmus says goodbye to his brave battle Brother, and walks over to the shuttle.

'Okay, so Lucian is staying behind.' Now that's a plan we can all get behind! Particularly Brother Lucius, whose long-con with the name similarity finally pays off.

Taking it Like a Queen

25th March 2014

I am the tyranid queen. What an honour, what a privilege. But with great power comes great responsibility, so when Brother Lucius decides to shoot me I have to remind myself of who I really am and stop myself from dodging.

Maybe I can go further than making myself a stationary target. The tyranid queen has chameleonic scales: can I make a fluorescent target appear on my body? Perhaps not without a bit of practice.

Brother Cadmus makes a reappearance, probably having hidden behind our dying watch captain for a while. He braces his heavy bolter and sends some automatic fire my way. Six hits. I'm still standing.

Brother Lucian shoots. I'll dodge! But, no, against my better judgment I let his bullets hit me too. I end up taking some critical damage, which is kinda good in a way, as it will make it easier to give myself my own critical blow, perhaps reaching in to my sucking chest wound to rip out my own heart. Sadly, the damage from the attack also stuns me for a round. I can do nothing.

Still, glory stays with those who do the damage. Which could be me, kinda, sorta. Brother Maynard charges in to Lucian, force sword raised, swinging like a, well, a tyranid. Two hits, one miss.

The system for allocating hits to body parts relies on reversing the result of the D100 attack roll, a system that we are still getting used to, apparently. 'Where did the force sword hit Lucian?'

It looks like the GM forgot to note the successful attack rolls. '...bollocks.' I didn't realise that was a hit location, but it sounds painful.

Before I can react, Brother Lucius attacks again. His bolter rounds slam in to my legs, the explosive rounds ripping one off and causing this body to die. My awareness, slightly worse for wear, is back in a space marine body.

I'm a little disappointed at first. The excellent timing of the entirely accidental mind-swap with the tyranid queen seems to have had no effect on the fight, the xenomorph dying within a round. But I realise that it was probably because of what happened, in that I caused the queen not to dodge a single attack. I stood there and took every shot like a Marine.

To Know Your Enemy, You Must Become Your Enemy

20th March 2014

The damned tyranid queen won't stand still. I can't get a solid hit on the xenos scum unless I can dedicate a full round to attacking with my force sword, as it will simply dodge my attempts otherwise. I have to resort to my Avenger psychic power, engulfing the queen with flames instead.

Of course, I push the psychic power, because why wouldn't I. The power succeeds, but I am forced to roll on the Psychic Phenomena table. A roll of 98 on the D100 is pretty awesome, and I get escalated to the Perils of the Warp table.

Psychic Mind Swap! As the psychic flames fire from my hands, I find myself on the receiving end of them as my mind is transferred in to the body of the tyranid queen.

Now I'm the queen! The queen must be in my body, and if either of our physical bodies dies the effect will end. Perils, my arse. This is perfect. What better way to defeat the enemy than to become the enemy?

As the queen is trying to work out what to do with the puny two limbs my body has, I think I'll deep-throat this lascannon. Or maybe fling myself in to space. Or just see if I can rip out my own heart.

Give me a Second

20th March 2014

Fighting back the tyranid horde, trying to engage the tyranid queen, Brother Lucian finds himself at a disadvantage in running out of ammo in his clip.

'I'll reload my gun. It's all I can do at the moment.'

On the one hand, this is the first time in the adventure that Lucian has had to reload his overpowered Storm Bolter, equipped with a fire-select option that has let him mow down hordes and hordes of xenos without pausing.

On the other hand, he is needing to reload during the climactic battle against the tyranid queen and her horde, when he has been injured heavily enough to be sitting on 1 HP, having spent a fate point to unfortunately push him back up to a mere 2 HP. The timing could have been better.

Simile of the Week

20th March 2014

'The tyranid horde rushes forwards, then hunkers down like a... hedgehog carpet.'