When the Rogue died, he was off exploring the enemy's lair with me, checking out some chests that we found whilst the others were looking after some Elf the party had rescued. In the chests were some spell books, something the Mage would very much like. As such, the Rogue put them in his backpack so that he could take them back to the Mage. Sadly, it was just after this that the Rogue set off the Phantasmal Killer trap and died. I carried his body back to the rest of the party and told them what I had seen, but the Rogue was stone-cold dead, not to be revived with low-level magic.

We decide to rest for the night so that our Cleric can learn the Raise Dead spell and we can get our friend back. But as we rest for the night, our unscrupulous Mage, making sure he took first watch during the night, baldly goes through the dead Rogue's backpack and steals the spellbooks from him. He then has the gall to admonish the Rogue, after we raise him in the morning, for not presenting him with the books sooner.

The Rogue points out that because he was dead at the time it was quite tricky to delve in to his backpack to get the spellbooks any sooner, and is shocked that the Mage would steal from the party by rifling through someone else's backpack at night. The Mage insists that the Rogue wasn't going to give him the spellbooks, because of some petty rivalry the Mage believes exists. Apparently, being dead is not an excuse.

One Response to “Thief!”

  1. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    How the mage can accuse me, an innocent, of such a deed I do not know....
    I despair to think of what else this scoundrel has stolen from our party whilst we sleep.
    People look at me with some element of distrust, just because I chose to play the helpful party member by learning the necessary skills to set off traps and die....but I say TO YOU ALL it's the mage we need to keep an eye on, he's the untrustworthy one, he's the real thief....