Roll With It

Still in the Maze, our Rogue finds himself having to make an Intelligence check of DC20 to find his way out and back to the party. This is a bit tricky for someone with an Intelligence modifier of +1, needing a 19 or 20 on a D20 to succeed. To keep the player occupied while his character continues to stumble around the maze, the Rogue's player takes on the role of the party's Fighter, whose player is absent for the session.

The party, without the Rogue for now, heads deeper in to the lair and we encounter some minions. Owing to the cramped conditions under which we meet them, the Fighter takes the lead. He swings his weapon, his axe biting deeply in to soldier after soldier, as we cut our way through the narrow corrider. While he is fighting, the player rolls a 19 for one hit, followed by another 19 for the next hit. After this, we need to get down through a trap door, which the Fighter jumps down for speed rather than taking the ladder. He rolls a third, consecutive 19 for his Jump check. Wow, all of those results would have got the Rogue out of the maze!

The player then gets the chance to make an Intelligence check to get his Rogue out of the maze, after spending some time reading a couple of journals he had found earlier in the day. After those three 19s, how hard could it be to get another one? The player rolls his D20 and it lands on an 18. Oh, so close! A couple more Intelligence checks later, both failed, and the player throws his D20 down on the table in frustration. I cannot begin to describe the poetry of seeing it come to rest on a 19 when he did that.

Still, it only took three more Intelligence checks for him to roll yet another 19 and escape the maze, bringing with him some important information he gleaned from the journals. It's a dodgy D20, if you ask me.

One Response to “Roll With It”

  1. Elf Says:

    Not only would the player rather have used the 19s he rolled to get his Rogue back in the game proper, the Fighter he was running temporarily was cutting his way through low-level minions. The Fighter was powerful enough only to need a 2 on a D20 to hit each one with his first attack, so all those 19s were pretty much wasted.