Occasionally, we find ourselves having to use a skill like Diplomacy to achieve something. While it is good to be able to solve something without fighting, as a party full of Dwarves with a combined Charisma modifier of -5 and no ranks in the skill we don't find ourselves confident of succeeding. It is times like these where we look to take advantage of the Aid Another option, where each player can make a DC10 skill check, with success giving another player a +2 modifier to his roll. In some situations several people can Aid Another, and the easier-to-make DC10 check to add several +2 modifiers looks attractive.

In trying to convince a powerful wizard that he is being hoodwinked, rather than fighting him and his partner, who is also a high-level wizard, we used Diplomacy and the excellent tactic of Aiding the Cleric, who boldly stepped up to try to convince this misguided fellow. This meant that rather than all of us having a pathetically low chance of persuading him, we could help the Cleric in his attempt. Of course, it was only natural that amongst us we rolled 16, 18, 19 and 19 on our DC10 checks, all being quite convincing when helping our Cleric, and that the Cleric should act like a bumbling buffoon with precious few persuasive skills by rolling a 1. Gah.

Luckily, we gave enough help and had enough circumstantial evidence to convince this chap that we could help him, thus saving ourselves a lot of bother, even though anyone but the Cleric would have clearly succeeded if we had made the Diplomacy checks individually.

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