Mini Adventure: The Vines of Doom II

It's never easy picking a weapon for a fighter-type character. One can either go for the standard weapons, like a longsword, or pick something a bit more exotic. A longsword, or the like, has the disadvantage of being rather 'normal', lending little character to the fighter, but at least you are likely to find them lying about as loot, even magical ones, because they are so common. And while a more exotic weapon lends more character to the fighter, you can pretty much bet that all the Feats you take to enhance your to-hit and damage bonuses will be for nothing when you switch to the +3 longsword of spleen-removal, knowing full well that you are never going to find anything better in your chosen weapon.

As such, Bert was conflicted when creating the Barbarian for this one-off adventure. He was tempted by the scythe and its x4 critical hit multiplier, particularly as it was a two-handed weapon, but knew that it seemed a bit specialised as a weapon, even in a character that would probably only be used the once. Thinking this way, he eschewed the scythe and went for the good old Greataxe for his Barbarian instead.

It was a shame that when he was violated, knocked out, and controlled by the vines of doom his Barbarian dropped the Greataxe right in the middle of the vines, and we dragged him out of there without it. It was also a shame that this was the only slashing weapon we had in the party. But the biggest shame was that we found, in a nearby shed in this farming village, a large selection of scythes, ready for us to use.

Oh well, that will teach him not to pick a favoured weapon that can be found just about anywhere.

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