Stupidity Can Be Treasonous

I ran an introductory Paranoia mission for most of the usual gang, as we are in the middle of the holiday season and missing a member. The mission is written for players new to the game, which is a good way to get the players suitably paranoid, and also helps my newbie GMing skills.

One of the players made an interesting decision during play, in that when presented with some experimental R&D equipment to field test she picked up the largest weapon available and fired it at the ORANGE-clearance R&D man. Sure, he was behind foot-thick plexiglass designed to withstand the sort of accidental mis-firings that inexperienced troubleshooters can cause with untested weapons, but this wasn't an accident.

Somewhat taken aback when the Team Leader shot her, after ensuring the Comms and Recording Officer had the incident on file, she wondered out loud why there was a problem, as she was just testing the strength of the plexiglass and so surely there couldn't be a problem, just because she happened to aim at a higher-level citizen whilst doing so.

The C&R Officer then made the brilliant move of tricking the downed player in to saying something, after the Team Leader specifically told her that if she said anything else he'd shoot her again. The C&R Officer was quietly chuckling to himself as he kept on recording what could have been a snuff film for the black market.

All in all, I think everyone took to the Paranoia world quite well.

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