Dinike Rioe, Half-Elven Bard

Lenwë decided to head back to a monastery for a while after the adventure with the Drow, seeking more enlightenment than could be brought through violent means. Shortly after this happens, a wandering bard comes in to town and plays in an inn where our adventurers are staying. He plays enchanting melodies and even tells the tale of how the party saved the townsfolk from the Drow dressed as Illithid, almost as if he were there, although perhaps exaggerating Grot's prowess. Little known to the party, Dinike merely cast Detect Thoughts on the Warrior earlier and used what little he found to recreate the adventure they had just been on to sway them in to accepting him along their next journey, so that he could experience more adventure. Impressed by this flattery, oblivious to the magic behind it, he was accepted in to the group.

Dinike specialises in wind instruments, using them to inspire greatness and competence, as well as to spin yarns and tell of heroes. If threatened, he defends himself with a rapier, the weapon of choice for Bards everywhere, but he is more likely to try to talk his way out of trouble. With good diplomacy skills, as well as being able to bluff his way out of situations and realise when he is being lied to, he can call upon arcane magic to comprehend or even talk any language he comes across. He is also keen on creating illusions to amaze people, or just to throw them off-tack. His Bardic background supplies him with plenty of knowledge on history, the local area he finds himself in, and he has also studied the arcane with the hopes of summoning a familiar for himself at some point.

Let's see how Dinike Rioe charms his way in to the party and through the coming weeks.

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