See No Mage, See No Undead

In looking for missing villagers and Ogre bandits we follow a map to a set of doors set high up in a dormant volcano. On opening them, we are faced with some stairs that lead downwards and in to a room lit with a reddish light. Our Mage decides that he wants to scout the area, trying to impress upon us his new-found usefulness. He casts Invisibility on himself and moves down the stairs as quietly as he can. The rest of us wait at outside, passing the time until he returns with a quick game of cards. After a few successful hands the Cleric told me what happened to the last person who beat our Fighter at snap, and she suggested a new strategy: let the Half Orc win.

After a while, just before the Invisibility spell ran out, coincidentally enough, Gimp returned from his scouting and told us what he saw. There was an odd-shaped room with an altar that glowed red faintly, and beyond that was a room with a statue of a women standing dominantly in it. There was no sign of life, according to our Mage, so we headed down as a party. When we started to cross the room the Ninja ran headlong in to four large skeletons, which animated from two of the walls. Well, Gimp was sort of right, I suppose, as there were still no signs of 'life' there. Even so, perhaps the Mage should work a bit his scouting skills.

3 Responses to “See No Mage, See No Undead”

  1. Injured Ninja Says:

    If I wasn't becoming mummified, feeling distinctly unwise and already at death's door, the Mage wouldn't be feeling any signs of life either.

  2. Grot Says: called me a feeling ok?

  3. DM Says:

    Well I guess it's time to bring out the big guns after this week's easy session.