But We Not Be Twins, Arr

Trying to corrupt or in some other way bring about the fall of a paladin ruling the kingdom we're in, our evil selves find it difficult to come up with a decent plan. The most evil thing we decide we can accomplish is to join the city guard and see what havoc we can wreak from the inside.

We see one of the captains of the guard, and he interviews us for our suitability for the role. Our bard does most of the talking, being the charming one and less likely to get us in to trouble, and he also has the wherewithal not to say anything incriminating. When talk turns to a recent raid on a sect of evil clerics, a sect we just happened to have dealings with and escaped from their temple moments before the raid in question, the various gods invoked in the city get mentioned.

Our bard, nicely on the ball, feigns ignorance about anything to do with Hextor, the evil god the clerics worshipped, countering with the notion that he is only familiar with Heironymous, well-known for being a good deity. The captain of the guard finds this subject interesting, and points out that the two gods are in fact brothers. The bard muses on how queer it is for one sibling to be so evil whilst the other is good-aligned. The captain of the guard mentions that it is not uncommon for such a situation to arise, and that there are plenty of siblings who are of such opposite alignments.

'Yarr,' I pipe up, 'I be 'aving a brother sailin' the seas who be pure as driven snow. Arr!'

Perhaps luckily, the captain of the guard doesn't quite see what I'm driving at and we shortly get hired as part of the town guard.

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