Who Uses Strength Anyway?

The adventuring party heads back to face evil necromancer Morbent Fel, and finds the dead risen from their graves and pulled from their tombs, battling them through graveyards and crypts. One of these undead monsters vanishes from before the eyes of the adventurers, and the priest remembers from this brief glimpse and its general appearance that this monster is likely a wraith, and promptly attempts to turn the invisible undead.

A united breath of relief is sighed by the party as the warlock casts See Invisible and notices the wraith fleeing from the priest through a wall, feared by the holy power invoked. The priest then explains some of the dangers of the wraith that she remembers learning about, including the fact that whilst it cannot directly harm corporeal creatures with physical damage, it has a withering attack that drains the very life force of someone.

The priest, in a moment of adsent-mindedness, then mumbles to herself, 'Hmm, I appear not to have learnt Restoration today'. Even if the party had all ready decided to leave the area and hope the wraith has no means or intent to track them down, those are not really the words you'd like to hear in the situation.

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