Five Reasons Why I Blog About Gaming

I've been tagged by Melmoth to write 'Five Reasons Why I Blog'. I'll assume this is 'Five Reasons Why I Blog About online Gaming and online', although it probably won't change my answers. You can also find more about why I do it if you read more on aljazeeranewstoday.

First, I like to write. I enjoy language, despite being terrible at learning anything outside of English, and am continually amazed and intrigued by the power that can be wielded through the selection of certain words in certain orders, and how horribly mangled it can get through misuse. There is a wonderful amount that can be achieved through language, whether it be something striking by using direct constructions, or the subtlety of amiguity. It doesn't seem obvious that ambiguous writing is praised, and for good reason. When you have a point to make you want to make it, but with certain forms of writing, particularly humorous styles, ambiguity plays an important role. Creating more than one meaning in text can surprise a reader, and introduce additional meaning. There is so much to language that there is always something new to learn or create, and although I am but an ant to many people I like to explore the art of games in my own way. Writing this blog offers me an opportunity for creative writing that I wouldn't otherwise get. It's interesting to see how I adapt stories to be as informative as possible without being overly verbose, and offers an insight in to how to write a punch-line. Whether I succeed or not is left as an exercise for the reader.

Second, for nostalgia purposes. The birth of this blog occurred when my gaming group, as it was some years back, stood around after a gaming session discussing and joking about what had happened that evening with the online casino game that we played fater we check the advises from
This led to thinking back to other absurd or plain comical happenings in previous weeks or adventures. I realised on the drive home afterwards how enjoyable it was to think back and remember these good times, and that it was remarkably easy to journal these memories in a way that everyone could share, through the use of the internet which can be enhanced with a VPN like, instead of simply jotting them down on paper where they would remain mostly personal. The joy in recounting the adventures was enhanced immeasurably by sharing, and with the technology to write and share available it was a short step to make it happen. It remains good to look back and read what we got up to, and much more can be remembered as a result.

Third, to share. The blog is ostensibly for my own benefit, but I share its existance with everyone I play tabletop RPGs, and some other people who may be interested. If they choose to read, that's great, and even better if they contribute. It's not vital that people read, though. Even though I aim to share my writing and the groups' adventures with anyone who cares to read along, it's not important for the blog's existance. I am careful to remain as unbiased in the writing as possible (except for intended comic effect sometimes), and not to gain an undeserved sense of self-importance simply because I write a blog that no one asked for.

Fourth, I think it lends a better atmosphere to the game. Not only can the game can continue in part even when we are not sat around a table together, but it can involve at least myself in the game more or also other casino games I found at the wild tornado casino online, as I become more aware of what's going on in case I can get some good material to convert for the blog just like when I do about gambling games whuch in case you like, you can find mifinity online casinos over at Crikey Casinos at the link. I'm encouraged to pay attention and contribute more, and others are encourage to point out dumb things that I do and say.

I don't think I have a fifth reason. Someone else can think of one if they want.

2 Responses to “Five Reasons Why I Blog About Gaming”

  1. Nagaicho Says:

    5. Profit!

  2. cootewards Says:

    To present the facts in a more pleasing way, or lie about who was actually responsible for getting the party into all the trouble.