MR or no MR

We rescued the woman in distress, exited the caves of impending peril, and fought off the wandering monsters of inconvenience. The journey back to town offers little resistance, thankfully, and we are left with deciding what to do with the new information about a possible infiltrator in to the household we are supposed to be returning the woman to. That, and sorting out what goodies we have in the pool, what prices we can expect to sell them for, and what shiny magical items we could get in return. We were fairly sure that the infiltrators wouldn't start their nefarious scheme without us, so Wendel, our part-time accountant, sets to work pricing up our loot. One of the items in our bag of excess-space was a '...flintlock pistol, with six shots.'

'Let's sell five shots and then play Russian Roulette with it. You can go first.'

'... You want to play Russian Roulette with a flintlock pistol?'

'That's why you're going first.'

Be Nice To Wendel Week is coming soon, I'm sure.

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