It's a Trap!

Jonathan Drain posts in his blog quite a few nifty trap ideas.

I enjoy thinking up traps, even if I don't get to implement them, and my creativity was spurred by Drain's post. I like the CR 1 razor wire across the corridor, but what if the razor wire was also a tripwire for a trap with a higher CR? The adventurers might sagely decide to disarm the razor wire so that they don't need to remember where it is, and make beating a hasty retreat safer, only to trip a second trap that they didn't even think to search for.

5 Responses to “It's a Trap!”

  1. Melmoth Says:

    You're an evil genius.

    I'd write more but some unknown evil person has rigged my laptop to explode after a certain number of keypr

  2. Elf Says:

    Even if you don't lose a few fingers in the blast from the keyboard you'd better try not to breathe in the anthrax that was released in the explosion.

  3. Zoso Says:

    How about a big painting of a spiked pit, with the caption "Ceci n'est pas une trap".

    Then when you get closer, it falls off the wall onto your head.

  4. Elf Says:

    For 2D6 bludgeoning damage. Genius!

    Or on the wall behind the painting, it reads 'Surprise! Ceci une Mimic.'

  5. JD Says:

    Link it with a CR5 falling block trap. "You fool! That was a load bearing CR1 razor wire across hallway!"