Knifey Can Haz Pony

After becoming Exalted with Stormwind I had to find a way to get another level and a half before I could ride around on a pony. A quick trip to Desolace to go down the scarlet path led me and my friends to the Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades. A quest to stab people to get an awesome sword and gain a bunch of experience seemed like a good idea to me, so we headed to Southshore to run up to the monastery. At least, I ran up there, the others rode on their mounts. Soon, my friends, soon.

It was a straightforward enough outing to meet new people and knife them in the kidneys, and went smoothly with no friendly deaths. And just as the death of Van Cleef heralded my status with Stormwind, the death of Mograine brought another milestone as I dinged level 40 at the same moment. Hurrah for Mograine getting me my pony! All I had to do now was buy one. That sounds pretty easy to achieve.

I used my hearthstone and got back to Ironforge. Even though I was gaining Stormwind reputation I have my home set in Ironforge, because I am a miner and engineer and running from the bank in Stormwind to the Dwarf Quarter to smelt ore and use an anvil gets tedious quickly The Great Forge in Ironforge is rather more convenient. From Ironforge I flew to Menethil Harbour in Wetlands to get my pony. Except you can only buy ponies in Menethil, there is no one who teaches the riding skill. For that, I needed to go to the Eastvale logging mill in Elwynn Forest, to the south. I jumped back on a gryphon and headed south.

Oh, but I was meant to hand in the Scarlet Monastery quest in Southshore to get the sword as the reward. Southshore is a short north-west hop from Menethil Harbour, and I was heading far to the south to Elwynn Forest instead. Arse. I made my way to the logging mill, got taught how to ride a horse for the bargain price of 80 gold, and spoke to the horse breeder to pick up my mount. I then realised that the horse breeder in Eastvale doesn't offer all the same horses as the fellow in Menethil, and the horse that I wanted in particular. So I had to run to Stormwind, instead of riding as I still had no horse, to catch a gryphon flight back to Menethil.

I trained my rogue skills whilst in Stormwind, so that I wouldn't forget, and jumped on another gryphon back to where I had just come from. After that flight I finally had my pony, a black stallion. It only took three flights and too much time and I still hadn't handed in the quest in Southshore so I had more of a journey ahead of me. As I had Kam Deepfury's head in my bag from my previous week's run in the Stockades, instead of flying I took my new horse for a ride through the Wetlands. I stopped at Dun Modr to get the bloody head out of my bag, then rode up through Arathi Highlands and on to Hillsbrad Foothills to Southshore. I made more of a chore in getting my pony and handing in the quest than running through the three wings of the Scarlet Monastery.

Knifey on his stallion

2 Responses to “Knifey Can Haz Pony”

  1. Windrunner Says:

    The flight path to Eastville Logging camp for riding training is Redridge! Saves running time.

  2. Elf Says:

    One of my friends pointed out at the time that I should take the gryphon down to Darkshire in Duskwood and run north across the river, which is what I did. I went back via Stormwind so that I could get training for my level and check to see if I had any rogue quests to pick up. It may have been quicker if I had gone via Redridge though.