The House of Crap

We have infiltrated Copperdell, a mining town for Borat that has convicts for workers. It recently underwent a revolution, for some reasons that are known and other reasons that we are uncovering. Our main mission is to bring peace to the town and not have the general resort to sending in the military to subdue everyone by force.

Earlier, we explored the mine, and found a nasty surprise that we are hoping will leave us alone until we can quell the riot, at which point we can perhaps deal with the situation more easily. Now that it is light outside, being early morning, we are investigating the houses and buildings that make up the town, hoping to unearth some evidence that acquits the inhabitants from the accusations made by the town's commander, accusations that enflamed some members of the town and started the riots.

Looking for buildings of interest we have already talked to the priest in the church, and are heading onwards. We are told that 'this way is the wrecked... umm... store'.

'I don't think I want to probe the rectum store. What other buildings are there?'

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