Two Up, Two Down

Two Marrowbreakers have been killed, two more have been released. Two Marrowbreakers are on the loose and ready to kill. So far, our mission to prevent the murders in the city has not been going so well, with at least one fresh kill each night despite our best efforts. Our current plan is to let whatever happens tonight happen and hope that the creature we trapped outside of its lair tries to return, for we have now removed the obstruction preventing it from getting back in in the hopes that we will be able to find it inside come the morning.

Before we rest for the night we feel some sense of obligation to report the awakening and release of the metal demi-god to the commanding officer. When we do so there is some concern that any spread of this news amongst the general populace will cause panic and are told not to tell anyone about this. The slight problem with this request is that we had to tell the guards more-or-less what had happened simply to get an audience with the commander in the middle of the night, and those guards were busy being guard-like and telling all their chums. Nevertheless, we won't tell anyone else, we promise.

Getting back to Chez Dexter finds Dexter's butler ready to offer him a change of clothes from the sewery mess that his current set has become, and asks if there is any truth to the rumour that an ancient iron giant is coming to destroy the city. 'Oh, no, that's just silly hearsay, he's only coming to enslave everyone', replies Dexter, before realising that that wasn't much of a denial. Never mind, a quick bath, as good a night's rest as we can manage in a few hours, and a change of clothes and we'll be back in the stinking water looking for Marrowbreakers.

Come the morning and we head back in to the watery tunnel to the monsters' lair, which turns out to be empty when we get there. Undaunted, we head back in to the temple to seek them out. We note that the iron lord is no longer around, and whilst we note that two Marrowbreakers sneak up on us and attack. With some experience under our belts, some lucky rolls, and no one dying, we manage to defeat the pair of Marrowbreakers! This seems to be too much like actual progress considering all the time we've spent killing one only to awaken another. Such is the level of confusion we started wondering if we needed to release the final two Marrowbreakers from their statuesque slumber. I think we decided not to in the end, but it may be a matter for more debate once the metal giant has been defeated. Back to the surface!

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