This Ain't No Democracy

In an fine example of group-self-sacrifice as much as obvious masochism we wake up the final two Marrowbreakers we've uncovered, so that anyone stumbling in to the temple in the future won't wake them up to terrorise the city. With the first reanimated from its statue form we retreat to a room that offers us better advantages for the coming combat. The Marrowbreaker follows us and prepares to attack. Whose marrow will it feed on first? 'Shall we do this democratically?', asks the DM.

'Do you actually mean 'randomly' or do you really want us to take a vote on this?' and seizing on the opportunity I quickly add, 'who votes for Tal to get attacked?'

As a couple of hands fly up in the air the DM picks up a D10 and clarifies 'No, this is not a democracy. Okay, on a 1 to 9 the Marrowbreaker attacks Melody...'

'10 is reroll', Ann-See interjects.

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