His Name is Dexter, For he is Many

The noise outside the barn that wakes us up in the morning after our day's rest was Amelia, commander of the guard in Borat. Amelia breaks the stillness of the morning by calling out, 'Dexter! I know you're in there!'

'And I know you're out there', shouts back Dexter, behind the pulled slightly ajar barn door so he can assess our situation. Amelia is flanked by a skilled-looking woodsman, which is probably how she found us, and the king's elite guards are encircling the barn.

'Come out one at a time!' orders Amelia.

'... uh...'

'... I know you're in there, along with the rest of your little band', she clarifies. 'Come out one at a time!'

'Oh, right, that makes more sense.' But we were ordered to leave the barn unarmoured and unarmed, and that was not a compromise we were willing to make. After all, the last time we were asked to do something similar we ended up being thrown in gaol and tortured, and with Amelia telling us that we were under arrest and needed to face trial it didn't seem like this situation would end any better. We exited armoured and armed, to which Amelia took exception and ordered the guards to capture us.

We fought valiantly and cooperatively, deciding that if we could not reason with Amelia we would be best served by defeating her and hopefully routing the guards. Dexter vowed to kill her, and he did. After a short skirmish Amelia fell, and Dexter made sure she wasn't getting up by planting with his mighty weapon a firm strike on her head as she lay already bleeding on the ground. Even if the guards weren't ready to rout, Tal's piercing howl struck fear in to each of them and they scattered to the four winds, allowing us time to regroup and quickly work out our next move.

Despite his glorious victory over Amelia, Dexter had taken some big hits during the fight, and he wasn't the only one. 'I could really use a day's rest now.'

'Sure, what could go wrong with that?' I ask. 'After all, the first time we rested we ended up being taken to separate cells, Ann-See was tortured, and we had to fight our way out of the castle's keep to become fugitives in our home city; the next time we planned a day to ourselves some undead cats hunted us down and did their best to drain us of our very life-force; and we wait in this barn a day and we get tracked and assaulted before breakfast.'

Maybe we should move on before the ground beneath the barn opens in to a hell gate.

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