Iron Heroes III: The Search for the Plot

Wandering through the countryside, having killed the commander of the Boratian army and our main contact, nowhere near any sites that have offered clues about the Red Hand Gang, and stumbling towards a town that was vaguely mentioned, we are quite sure we've lost the plot. This is not a good position to be in when we are supposed to be preventing the summoning of the Blood Angel that will destroy all life in the world, so we do the only thing gamers can do: make a search check.

The D20 search check for the plot lands on a natural 1, which sums up our current position perfectly.

Being somewhat lost during such a crucial time in the world's history leaves us in quite a dilemma. Should we fail in preventing the Blood Angel from being summoned, bearing in mind that only the only people who can subsequently dismiss it are those who summoned it and they'll likely be dead from performing the summoning ritual, would that mean we can no longer play Iron Heroes? Any new character would surely only last as long as it took for the Blood Angel to visit his village.

Unless, of course, legend told of a man born unto the world with the power to defeat the all-conquering Blood Angel. Maybe he could vanquish the evil threat to all life with the help of an ancient, magical ring.

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