Prescience is not Intelligence

With our mission to map an Old Keep for a gentleman scholar back in a distant town, reach the nearest town, that of Winterhaven. After settling in we ask the locals, of which there are around 900 packed in to a couple of dozen houses apparently, about any information that may have about the Old Keep. The barmaid in the inn kindly lets us know that Valthrun the Prescient, who lives in ageing tower in town, is the best person to ask about that, as he knows all. We invite him to share dinner with us in the inn, which he accepts, and in return he politely answers our questions.

We find out where the Old Keep is situated, a little of its history, and some of the rumours of goblin activity around the Old Keep's area. Our questions have piqued the man's interest, and although he has no more information to share currently he explains that 'I will do some more studying in my library, as I'm sure some books will have more information on the Keep'.

'Is it easy to find?'

'Oh yes, quite easy. If I go up my spiral staircase and turn left, it's the room full of books. I won't have any trouble finding it, I've been there before you see.'

I can't believe we let him order the lobster.

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