Saving Christmas

We have established identities as normal people living normal lives, a flimsy mask that barely covers our eyes, and more brute force and ignorance than we ever imagined could sit around the same table. It's time to be super heroes!

It is late December and people are gloomily going about their business with nothing to look forward to. After foiling a simple bank robbery that is all in a day's work we are contacted by a powerful mentor, who promptly teleports us to a snowy landscape. It is not long before we are told we need to save Christmas. This would be more dramatic if we knew what Christmas was, but apparently it will all come back to us once we get Father Christmas out of the clutches of some dastardly super villain.

Father Christmas is being held in his toy-making factory and all his assistants have fled to a cave in the snowy region in which we find ourselves. It is these little elves who try to explain Christmas to us and entreat us to rescue their boss, so we start to devise a plan. Never is it more evident that we don't know about Christmas when our martial arts expert says we should 'sneak in the back with a small commando force of elves'.

Despite the elves being quite jolly with the idea of battling hobgoblins whilst armed only with action man figures our final plan involves not thinking too hard about anything and a lot of improvisation. With some heroically charged action and a bit of surpisingly competent role-playing the villain was defeated and Father Christmas freed. Christmas was saved and everyone had a fabulous roast turkey dinner to celebrate.

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