Maybe he was Thinking of the Draconic Alphabet

It seems like time slowed significantly, taking us months to move through the doors from the previous fight with the undead to this new room, but we finally make it through the temporal quagmire. In the new room is a gaping hole down which blood is trickling. The blood is flowing from an altar ahead and we appear to have interrupted some cultists, but they are no match for our heroic powers.

Our warlock steps forward to look down the pit but his puny spellcaster grip fails him and he tumbles down, adding to the shallow pool of blood beneath, once we derive the formula for the velocity he ends up travelling based on the height of the fall and his acceleration under gravity, rather than simply looking up falling rules in the book. For reasons of party cohesion, and because there doesn't seem to be a second exit to the room, we follow, but by climbing down the chains, or making use of the feather fall spell in my case.

At the bottom of the pit we are presented with a large chamber, two distracted spellcasters and a statue of Orcus pointing at a portal. 'Is the statue moving?', asks Adran, concerned about a potential threat to his combat prowess.

'You're not familiar with the concept of statues, are you?'

Wait a minute, a portal? Of course! We are in Shadowfell Keep, ostensibly to map the keep for an academic but drawn in to preventing a gate to hell from opening. It's all coming back to us now, unlike the names of the party characters to the DM when asking for initiative order.

'It's been 10 weeks, I can't remember what you're all called. For the next adventure, so that I don't get confused, why don't you all pick names that start with different letters?' It's a good idea and Adran, Gruknal, Kawakami, Iago and Wizardo Montalban all plan to adhere to the request, once we've worked out where we went wrong in the first place. In the meantime, we have a boss to defeat in a chamber dedicated to Orcus.

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