Hassling the Hoff

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are being thrown a lavish party in a Hollywood mansion, for some heroic deed or other. There are celebrities everywhere, enjoying the caviar pizza and making themselves noticed. It all looks like a typical party until a shout of 'get them!', whereupon the servants all shed their uniforms and whip out guns and knives. Luckily, turtles don't go anywhere unarmed.

It isn't surprising to see the celebrities disperse so quickly, but it is somewhat unexpected for David Hasselhoff to loiter and shoot red laser beams from his eyes, moving like a robot. In the midst of battling the staff it appears we must also deal with a mecha-Hoff. Donatello's technical knowledge comes in handy, as does a taser he has, which he uses to overload some circuits of Hasselhoff. Smoke starts to seep out of some orifices and slow down the robot.

Casey Jones wants a piece of the Hoff, so grabs a fire extinguisher, smacks Hasselhoff around the head with it and then empties the contents in his electronic face. Sadly, Casey didn't pay attention to the health and safety induction and the extinguisher does not contain water, which would be harmful to electronics, but powder. The smoke coming from mecha-Hoff subsides, as some of the internal fires are snuffed out, and he stands tall to shoot laser beams from his eyes again.

I suppose accidentally healing a golem is a mistake everyone makes at least once.

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