At Least We're Safe From Zombie Attack

It has been many months since the adventuring party prevented the opening of the rift in the Keep on Shadowfell. Only Gruknal the dwarf fighter with clerical powers and elven ranger Adran remain of the original party, now in the paragon tier at 14th level. During their continued adventures they have met up with Krafft, a half-orc avenger, and Velma, an elven druid who prefers to spend most of her time in beast form, favouring the shape of a badger.

Even though we are working together our adventures have not been terribly successful. We may have fought back a some terrible monsters from attacking the city we currently call home but, to be honest, those fights were mostly staged to make us look more competent than perhaps we are. And our recent expedition to the elemental plane of fire to find the perfect cocktail was nothing short of a disaster, if only because of a lack of ice.

Our collective languishing in the morass of adequate adventurers is probably explained when we try to find out who the brains of the operation is, by comparing our intelligence scores. It turns out that, despite our other redeeming qualities, we all have an intelligence of 9, somewhat below an average person.

However, Adran has to take the prize as most stupid member of the party, if only because he initially had an intelligence of 8 until the intellectual greats amongst us point out that this is an impossibility at 14th level. You have to admire his dediction to role-playing, though.

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