Minotaur on a Tour

The undead ambassadors are defeated! We scoff down their chocolates and champagne before turning our attention to the locked door in the ambassador's office. There appears to be the occasional muffled sound coming from the other side of the door, which we assume to be the actual ambassador we're looking for, instead of the imposter undead who are now rampant in the city. 'I'll try to break down the door with my axe!'

'You smash the door and it holds firm.' The GM decides to confuse the more impetuous members of the party with a paradox, giving me time to try a more diplomatic method of opening the door. I call to whoever is on the other side of the door, assuring them that the undead in the embassy have been slain and that we are adventurers from the surface looking to meet a mage from the Seven Pillared Hall, who we believe is housed here.

After a short while the door's lock clicks and the door opens to reveal a human mage, although he insists he's a minotaur. 'Have you been in there all the time the undead have been out here?' asks Krafft, wondering why a powerful mage would fear a few undead.

'I am a mage of Saruun! I have not just been hiding under the bed like a child', the mage scolds back.

'Have you also been crying like a girl?' Krafft's best attempts at diplomacy are luckily ignored by Minotaur, who informs us of the current situation in the city. Rifts have been opened, undead are coming through the rifts and wreaking havoc, and some plot information about the drow and dwarves is revealed.

It seems we need to strike an alliance with one or more of the more important drow leaders who remain in the city, in order to close the undead-spewing rift and prevent the continued assault on the dwarves. 'Minotaur, what can you tell us about the drow leaders?'

'For the last time, I am not a minotaur, I am Onatour!'

'Ah, that explains why you are in the drow city. Let me know if you head to Winterhaven at any point in your tour, as I know the mayor there and could probably blag some tickets. Now, as for the drow...' For some reason it takes the mage a few minutes of quiet introspection to answer, but we find out about the military and religious leaders in Phaervhul.

'I can help you initiate any negotiations with the drow', Minotaur prompts after our own pause for thought.

Grimstorm catches on, and as an aside thinks aloud that 'we are supposed to ask Minotaur if he would help initiate any negotiations with the drow.'

'Mmm, good plan. It's probably not too late to try asking him now.'

'Minotaur, can you help us negotiate... initialisings... and stuff?' Let's hope Minotaur still agrees to help, because evidently we will have trouble otherwise.

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