Trapping a Thoroughfare

'Why aren't the temple guards moving to attack us? Surely they can see us, we're only at the end of a corridor.'

'The corridor must be trapped! It's obvious, the darts must come out of the decorative spiders on each side of the wall.'

'Bah, you're crazy. Who would trap the corridor of a temple? Worshippers must come here daily. No one wants to have to remember where not to tread, for fear of death, when coming to prayer.'

'It's trapped, I tell you. I'm not taking my chances, I'll take a diagonal path.'

Darts spit out of the spiders and stab in to Gruknal, as pressure plates activate in some of the squares where the dwarf treads.

'Huh, these drow are serious. You can't pretend to be a parishioner in the hopes of getting married here, you really need to attend regularly.'

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