Bluffing with the Truth

In Hordethrone, we need to find somewhere to rest. Our adventures have taken us from the underground drow city to the desert, across a bone bridge and through a gate of putrid arms. Our combat powers have dwindled and we need to recharge. The only problem is that this city has no accommodation. Even the inn is merely a covered pit selling distilled tar. But we are told that the ramshackle huts are free for the taking, as long as we have the mettle to take one. That sounds easy enough.

A hovel is picked at random and we confidently open the door and stride in to claim it as our own, at least for the night. A couple of robed humans, backed by ghouls, take exception to our entrance. 'Get out. This is ours.'

'It's ours now', I tell them, 'you get out'. We are asked to make an intimidation check, for which I enlist the aid of my bardic friend.

'Grr.' It is maybe not the best intimidating Lughar has performed, but it may do the trick. Lughar is asked for his will defence score, but sees right through this ploy. 'I'm not telling you that! You can't just ask me such things and expect a straight answer.' But apparently it is the GM who is asking, not the NPCs, so that's okay.

The robed cultists do not seem terribly swayed and need more convincing that they should leave. I think I can help them out. 'We specialise in killing undead', I say, pointing out their undead companions, 'your ghouls mean nothing to us, which just leaves you to torture slowly before we have a restful sleep.'

We are asked for another intimidate check and Lughar rolls a 40, which should do it. 'Adoni-zedek makes some 'turn undead' motions and convinces the cultists to leave the hut to you', the GM tells us.

'Oh right, I forgot that we can actually do that, making it a more effective bluff that I had hoped.' Better still, we get to rest for the night and regain all our powers. We'll need them, in order to deal with Kalarel's lieutenants.

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