Leather's Like a Shield of Steel

A fight breaks out in the market. We are defending ourselves from the man accusing us of theft, and his henchman. Fung Xe is able to close with Tong, the leader, and trap his weapon. Tong is unable to attack when pinned like this, so chooses to 'escape the trapped weapon by taking an action to release my weapon'.

'Yes, that's what I did', says Kwai Chen Tai, 'I chose to release my weapon when I was wrapped in the awning'. It's curious, because at the time it rather looked like he tried to cut through the awning as two henchman enveloped Kwai in it, but fumbled his weapon and got thoroughly tangled as a result.

Other henchman are attacking me and Cheng Nenfa, with Yuen Shu-Lin sneaking around to launch a surprise attack on Tong. Three henchman engage me and although I am able to deflect most of their blows I get a knock and become bruised, luckily only superficially for now. Cheng sees the minor wound and mocks the henchmen, 'I don't think you can even harm me!' That sounds like an invitation.

A pair of henchman strike at the confident spearman, feeling invulnerable in his leather armour, and find their yin and yang in harmony. A double-eight result hits Cheng's armour with a mighty blow, one of their weapons thumping in to his side and most certainly harming him. 'Ow. They aren't pulling their blows.'

Indeed, even Tong is striking without fear of causing injury, whilst we are trying to be careful lest the initial misunderstanding becomes more serious. Fung Xe is hit by Tong and is wounded, putting his breath of life in to the 'bruised' box. 'Now I'll put him in to a wooden box', he retorts.

But before we can get too serious the sound of the town guard quick-marching to the market square can be heard, scattering the henchman and leaving us to face the music.

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