Slaughter, Heal, Repeat

We've almost cleared the wagon of guards, just one more remains on top. He is currently reloading the ballista mounted on the roof of the wagon, but I spring up to prevent the large weapon being used against us a second time. Poor Afutavere nearly had a second name change to Halfafutavere.

Brennan sees the potential of my actions. 'If you gain control of the ballista on top of the wagon we can start firing it at the cavalry coming back!'

Afutavere sees it differently. 'Or you could shoot the chap fleeing in the back!'

Hey! I'm not the paladin.

Our paladin is actually enjoying the fight, despite our ideal of not killing any of the guards. He even charges in to combat with two more guards who are over five feet away! This is unheard of, but explained when we realise the guards are only holding crossbows and so don't threaten in melee combat.

Wielding his longsword two-handed, Ganelon slices viciously through one archer, dropping him to the ground. 'Damn, that's another one I need to heal next round.' If we didn't think he was aiming to kill them it would be a pretty good tactic, and quite effective. Strike as hard as possible, then stabilise the dying character.

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