Getting a Foot in the Door

The ground floor of the ruined inn is cleared of any goblin threat and we move upstairs, hoping still to find the leader, Whitechin. We see no movement to start with, and with a choice of opposite doors at the end of a corridor we decide to get the element of surprise with both of them.

Afutavere the ranger and myself stand back-to-back, getting ready to kick down a door each and face what waits behind them. So that we don't alert one side before the other, we coordinate our busts to be simultaneous.

'Okay, ready?


'1, 2—'
'3, 2—'

'No, count down, not up.'

'Ah, right.'

'3, 2—'
'3, 2—do we go on 1, or after 1?'

'Okay, count up. Go on 3. No! After 3.'



'1, 2, 3, go!'
'1, 2, 3, go!'

Afutavere's foot slams in to the door, making a few splintered dents in it but otherwise having little effect.

I, on the other hand, have a change of heart. I've tried to kick down enough doors that I know a 2nd level monk is not likely to succeed, even with a fairly shabby-looking door, so I reach for the handle and casually push the door open in to an empty room.

And the goblins attack behind us from down the corridor anyway.

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