'Half' Orc

Four mighty adventurers are brought together to solve the perilous case of the missing girl. Four mighty second-level adventurers. Periwinkle, gnome cavalier; Brock Ironfist, dwarf barbarian; Githsashit, gnome rogue; and Davor, half-orc barbarian/rogue. 'Half-orc and half-what, exactly? Half-goblin? Half-gnoll?'

'Human, you annoying little prick.'

'No, really. Half-kobold? I need to know.'

'Don't mock me. I'm more man than you'll ever be.'

'He's right. He may only be half-man, but you're all gnome.'

'Oh! Ah! That's the answer! He's half-orc in the sense of not being all-man. He's been snipped! He's got no nads! He's half an orc!

And so our adventure begins.

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