Elemental Devastation

Elementals attack! Periwinkle attacks back! Our cavalier is in his ele—um, well, he's comfortable with being out in the open, which gives his riding wolf room to charge. His lance strikes a vulnerable spot on the elemental and he scores a critical hit.

Because of feats and character traits, his D6+3 damage is tripled from the charging, and tripled because of the critical hit, becoming 9D6+27. The elemental explodes in to smithereens as Periwinkle's lance hits for 61 damage.

The noise alone strikes us all dumb, and we turn to look at the gnome in the middle of a cloud of dust. 'What? What's wrong with hitting for 61 points of damage?'

'What's wrong? You're 3rd level. And this isn't 4th Edition.'

3 Responses to “Elemental Devastation”

  1. Elf Says:

    Periwinkle writes:

    So I think I might have gotten my 61 damage wrong due to the peculiarities of Pathfinder/D&D multipliers. x3 damage for the charge x3 damage for the crit should give x5 damage, not x9 I think. So my critical charge should have dealt only 5d6+15, not 9d6+27.

    Still, should be enough to kill the elemental I think, so it shouldn't change the outcome of the fight any.

  2. Elf Says:

    The DM replies:

    Actually that was the 60hp elemental destroyer. Basically if it was not killed in round two it was going to create an earthquake dealing 6d6+6 damage to the party (save for half). Fortunately you killed it before it could use the ability, saving the party. But if you say you worked out the damage wrong that could be an issue.

  3. Elf Says:

    And Thamir replies:

    OUCH! 6d6+6 is what, 27HP average on a failed save? Would've taken me from full to dying. Good job that cavalier!

    (I don't think the DM was being serious.)