Keep it to Yourself

The goblins have attacked the village, and catching one of their scouts reveals their plans to mount a larger attack in a few days' time. We talk to the villagers to help them prepare defences, and one of them offers some advice. 'You know who's a good fighter? Big Fred.'

'Big Fred?', says Periwinkle, 'is that the hill giant down the road?'

'No, Big Fred is the ogre who lives up the road. He does odd jobs occasionally for us, although he can be unreliable.'

'This adventuring is more complicated than I every imagined', Thamir says, somewhat out of the blue. 'Dealing with goblins, getting the help of ogres...'

'Who are you talking to? That sounds suspiciously like inner monologue. Keep it that way. We don't need your 'dear diary' moments'.

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