Accidental Feat

The advancing goblin horde gets close enough for their rank and file to start charging towards our defences. Davor takes this as his cue to transform! He quaffs a potion of enlarge potion and grows to be pretty big indeed. And still he tries to hide behind the barricade as the goblin archers continue to rain arrows towards us.

'I think we could have made it tall enough for a large creature to crouch behind', he says plaintively.

'Speaking as a gnome who has been shooting over the barricade, I don't think so.'

So Davor's exposed, but it's not a disadvantage for long. The goblins close to melee range and Davor starts swinging away. His large size gives him reach, and his high dexterity and combat reflexes lets him attack pretty much all the goblins that try to get in close.

Periwinkle is surprised at this tactic from our half-orc. 'You've got combat reflexes?'

'Yes. It was intentional.'

'Well, we didn't think you took it by accident.' Then again, as his orcish double-axe fails to hit just about every goblin he swings at, maybe he did.

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