Reading and Writing

'Are we lost yet?' It's a fair question to ask, but Kyras may be acting a little pessimistically.

'You can look back and still see Absalon', the city where we set off from.

'We could still be lost', I point out. And not unfairly, given our reliance on map-reader Jak. When we come across the river we ask him if it is on the map.


'So we are lost?'

'No! The river's just not on the map.'

'We've gone completely off the map?!' This sounds like a disaster. We may as well make it worse and continue forwards, given that a felled tree bridges the river that we can use to cross it. 'Is that on your map?'

Jak doesn't answer immediately, but appears to be take some charcoal to the parchment first. 'Yes.'

'Ah. Good.' And we continue.

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