Driving us Crazy

The professor joins us in New York from Boston, so I hand him the paper with the translated text on it. After my lengthy library time translating the backwards Latin he saw scribbled on the walls in the catacombs, where jars of blue dust were stored, I thought he may be interested in knowing what was written.

Kinda. But instead of reading the translation, the professor reads the original text, the backwards Latin. He does this whilst in possession of one of those jars of blue dust, taken for scientific discovery, at which point the jar trembles and the blue dust inside coalesces in to... something.

Whatever the dust forms, it looks like it's now living, but not in the form of any creature we've ever seen. All we can be sure of is the ghastly blue hue its skin has. Rather than waiting to see what else may happen, I stomp on the monstrosity, until it stops moving. Hopefully that will be the end of that.

And it would be the end of that, except Madame Za Za opens her big mouth. 'Do we have to make a sanity check?'

'Shut up, Ted!'

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