Back from the Past Future

The suspicious character we've tracked from Boston is running a secretive club in New York City. Weekly meetings, a friend informed us, have people turn up to buy mysterious items and artefacts supposedly brought back from the future. They are outlandish claims, even if the friend is amazed by a frying pan which nothing sticks to.

We go along to a couple of meetings, in order to validate these claims of items being brought back in time. It seems like bunk, although the obvious prototype materials and exotic items clearly warrant the high prices asked. Punters are impressed enough to pay those prices too.

Our aim is to get not to a weekly meeting but one of the monthly meets, where even stranger happenings unfold. So that we seem legitimately interested, we decide to buy something at the next weekly meeting. On turning up, the table of futuristic merchandise has curious wheeled plates that attach to your shoes, which has many a prospect quite excited.

Us, we're not so impressed, not considering that roller skates were invented in the 18th Century, and popularised in Massachusetts in the mid-19th Century. Future artefacts? Bunk, I say.

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