Which Comes First?

Our Madame bumps in to a paranormal investigator, who learns of our mystery and, with the death of the professor, finds a place in our little team. When we get to meet Harry Herpderp, maybe not his real surname, we learn that one of his interests is playing the jazz banjo.

'We haven't heard it, though', thank goodness, 'and he looks more like a gangster than an investigator. I bet it's not a banjo in the case'.

I think we'd all be okay with that. To keep his hands otherwise busy, Herpderp heads up to Albany with dick Richard Castle. They are hoping to find out a little more about someone who died under curious circumstances after blabbing about the cult we're investigating. Maybe the man's widow has some details we would find enlightening, if only we could locate her.

Looking through records in city hall shows three marriages matching the name of Michaels in the past twenty years in the area. That's a good start. 'Are there details about any births?', wonders Herpderp, perhaps making narrowing down a mighty list of three potentials a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

Castle thinks so too, offering an easy method of finding the right person. 'Go to each of them in alphabetical order.'

So we see Mrs Michaels first, then on to Mrs Michaels if that doesn't work out, and if we're really unlucky we end with Mrs Michaels? 'I knew what I meant', he says, and so did we. It was still funny.

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