Severing the Connection

Half of us manage to get in to the depths of the bunker, smashing through a sewer wall to get inside. The other half are upstairs, watching for guard reactions and preparing to cut the power if necessary. And by 'if necessary', I apparently take that to mean, 'when I get the tiniest bit twitchy'.

The confusion of no light in the basement affects the guards more than our two investigators, Richard Castle and Harry Herpderp, not his real surname, as our pair have a lantern to help them spot guards and cut them down in cold blood. It's either them or us, and as they have assault rifles and we don't, and we've seen what those rifles can do, our morals don't suffer too much. And we gain an assault rifle or three to even the odds more in our favour.

Despite the power being cut, some weak lights come on within a minute or so. Working their way towards an inner chamber, our investigators think they see the source of the power, although they can't quite believe it. Or don't want to.

A glass tank stands in the middle of a room, with all kinds of cabling coming out of it. But it's what's in the tank that is disturbing, being a nightmarish ooze covered in myriad eyes and... well, it's hard to describe, and no one really wants to examine it too much. Richard Castle copes with the sight rather well, considering, and wonders if this being will react to a name he has heard in our investigation. 'Neil? Neil Arthur Tepp?'

No reaction. But no matter. Castle rips out the wires coming from the tank, and thinks better of pumping bullets in to it, just in case whatever it holds will spill free. The guards are dead, the curious electro-mechanical devices in another room have been destroyed. It looks like we may have significantly hampered this sinister operation. Castle and Herpderp hightail it out of the basement, back through the sewers.

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