Touching Base with Nyarlathotep

A more thorough investigation of the dig site the following day uncovers more material, mostly dirt. Despite having some experience in archaeology I appear to have forgotten most of my learning, and it is only a fresh mound of earth covering the corpse of a familiar body that catches my eye. Still, it's something.

What we would really like to find is evidence of the portal that sent Marcus, the Roman soldier, to a different time or place. Considering the temple's rumoured connection to mythical old gods, I wonder if perhaps I could use a spell to contact Neil Arthur Tepp and see if he knows.

I get the feeling that I'd get an answer, but I'm not sure how I feel about talking directly to Mr Tepp. It sounds a bit risky. 'Don't ask him, then', says Castle.

'So I just call him and say 'how's it going?' I don't see how that will help anyone.'

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