And Yet There Was no Mention of us Being 'Hotel Inspectors'

We've fought back the hordes attacking the city's astropath, got our warning out to the void, and are heading towards the broodlord's lair. To get to the broodlord we have to pass through the focus of much of the fighting between the oppose factions. Piece of cake.

Some heavy stubber nests could cause some problems as we cross mostly open area between trenches, but some tactical advances and suppressing fire helps us get close without facing any return fire ourselves.

Brother Sepheran's heavy bolter is ideal for laying down the suppressive fire. He gets a couple of the nests pinned, and whoever is pinned can only take half actions. With a fully automatic gun, this means a pinned character cannot shoot.

'So you're screwed then', says Brother Sepheran as more rounds spray out of his heavy bolter.

'What? No, this is good for me. They can't shoot as I get closer to their nest.'

'No, I don't mean 'you' as in you, I mean 'you' as 'in general'.'

'Oh', I say to Brother Anatolias, 'he's looking at you, but talking to me'.

'And as he's the only one with a heavy weapon, he's looking at you, talking to me, but meaning himself.'

I'm glad we cleared that up.

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