Acting Out of Turn

A genestealer dives down a side-tunnel ahead of us in the sewers. We press forwards to engage it, but as we reach the junction more movement is spotted in all three directions.

One genestealer comes from further up the tunnel, one from behind, and the one in the side-tunnel comes back towards us. The crafty xenos have us surrounded!

Given our previous encounters with the genestealers, the last situation we want to be in is in close range with these creatures, and now we can't move away from them. This looks bad.

'When you said you'd like the mission to be completed this week, did you envisage us all dying in a sewage-filled tunnel?'

'Something like this, yes.' But we're not dead yet. As we're in squad mode, Brother Sepheran gets us in to a solid defensive mode. Our focussed fire should take down the xenos more effectively, and give us an additional attack as a reaction.

Brother Gregor opens fire on the genestealer attacking Brother Sepheran, which seems like a sound tactical decision. His bolter fire rips in to the xeno beast, but doesn't do enough damage to kill it. 'I'll use my reaction to finish it off.'

'No can do, Brother. You can't use reactions in your own turn in a combat round.'

'Okay, then that's all I can do. Brother Skold, you're next.'


'Great, I'm going to use my reaction to finish off the genestealer.'

'You're a bell end.' But, to give him his dues, Brother Gregor gets a glorious hit, calling on the Emperor's Fury to inflict a righteous wound, downing the genestealer with that one more shot.

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