Set Fists to 'Stun'

There's been an incursion in the warp! This is generally not only bad, but often disastrous. The first sign of the incursion is ice forming on the walls of and a skein forming across the bridge. Then the crew goes a bit bonkers.

The helmsman goes wild, leaping out of his chair and attacking Brother Lucien. Not wanting to harm a member of the crew, Lucien aims to stun the helmsman with a simple punch. Or he would, if he didn't critically miss and slam his fist in to a control unit instead.

Brother Lucien tries again to subdue the helmsman with a stun attack. 'What do I need?' Stunning an opponent has a -20 modification to the Weapon Skill roll. '-20?! I should just kill him.'

'Stand on a chair, claim the higher ground!' It's not often you see a GM shake his head in despair, but it happens. Thankfully, Brother Thaddius steps up and cold clocks the helmsman from behind, taking down the crew member in a striking display of competence.

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