New Oath, Same as the Old Oath

Smashing in to and dropping out of a warp breach half inside the legendary space hulk Mortis Thule changes our mission objectives a little. We have standing orders for being Space Marines, as well as for being Deatchwatch Space Marines in particular. On top of that, detaching ourselves from the Morthis Thule so that we aren't dragged back in to the warp with it seems a little important.

We debrief ourselves and choose a new oath to take for the updated mission. But each oath has chapter restrictions on who can lead the squad, so we also need to make sure we have the right leader.

'Who can lead us in the oath?'

'Lucien, Maynard, or myself', says Brother Lucius.

'So any of us except Brother Thaddius? I'm already feeling better for our chances of survival.'

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