Shooting for the Demolition Skill

We take the Storm Raven assault craft from the watch station down to the planet, reconnoitring the various objectives from high altitude. The primary objective is to disable an ongoing transmission that continues to bring orks to the region. Secondary objectives include destroying an ork Gargant, and killing the ork leader in the main camp.

The primary objective seems the most important, naturally, and also seems the most likely to succeed. The transmitter to be destroyed is housed in a spire built on a mountain. We start devising plans on how to access it.

Our favoured plan is cinematic. We pilot the Storm Raven up to the spire's control deck, blow the crap out of it, then hover the Raven as our demolitions expert jumps in to set charges. The main problem we have with this plan is that our demolitions expert and pilot are the same person.

There is also a secondary problem with this plan. 'We don't have enough XP for me to learn the demolitions skill at the moment.'

'Okay, so we'll land near a camp and shoot a few orks first.' Sorted.

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