Backstabber Barbarian

Travelling south, the day draws on. We could enter the Fire Forest of TPK, as we have spells that will let us endure the heat, but perhaps it would be better to spend the first night outside of the forest and save some of the magic. Thankfully, a farmhouse is located a short distance north of the forest, making it a good place to rest.

A woman meets us outside the farm, and invites us in after some pleasantries. We are introduced to her father, whose name is familiar to most of us. He is a spellcaster, notorious for supposedly dominating his wayward brother in to better behaviour in years gone by, prompting accusations that he was also dominating others citizens unrelated to him. Right or wrong, the rumours spread and the man was exiled from the city. For some reason, this pleases Thrak, who mutters something under his breath about this looking like another 200 gold pieces for him. A jab to the ribs shuts him up, but it may not be enough.

After the ambush a few hours ago, we carried on down the road and stumbled in to the ambushers' camp. In the now-abandoned camp, we found some personal effects, and some scrips which showed the ambushers to be slavers. I wanted to burn the scrips, because surely we'd have no use for them and wouldn't want them to be available to anyone else. No, said Thrak, we ought to take them so that we have a suitable disguise should we be stopped on the road. I acquiesced, and we held on to the scrips. The scrips signed on behalf of the Ragesian authorities, promising the bearer 100 gold pieces for every spellcaster handed over.

I think we need to watch our barbarian closely.

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