Disappearing in to the Character

Skeletons pile through the door of the farmhouse we're staying in. That's fine, we have two clerics on hand. Aggar, our own cleric, a cleric of the Sun Domain, has turning undead as a specialty. Torrent, the NPC cleric in our charge, waits for Aggar to destroy the skeletons before bothering to try herself.

It's good that Torrent delays, as Aggar is a bit rusty about turning undead. He holds aloft his holy symbol, utters some incantation, and nothing happens. Our back-up cleric tries. Much better! Not only are all the skeletons turned, they are destroyed by the holy power emanating from Torrent.

As the skeletons are turned to dust, Torrent gives a victory cry. 'Fucking get in!'

Not only is Torrent excellent at turning undead, but Bert has picked up on her mannerisms seamlessly.

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